Puppets, la Neomudéjar, Madrid.



Ana Dévora aims to illustrate how reality changes depending on an individual s geographical background and social point of view, in contrast with what is shown to us as everyday reality, whether that might be through private life or through the media. Her aim is to expose everything that the human eye does not normally see, everything that is hidden in each individual, and is never shown or observed, going against everything that we know and everything we are led to believe, a reality that in a certain way, is interpreted in a very objective way which can either seem real or pretend to be real.
The main point to bear in mind for the artist is the interaction between people from both outside and inside the local community, researching concepts surrounding the absence of communication, she means all that is hidden in the process of the relationship between others. The different points of view that each person has in psychological or geographical terms.
Her projects revolve around a psychological open debate which invites the individual to reflect and consider the communication, or indeed lack of communication that exists between individuals.
This particular project, “Puppets” focuses specifically on the issue of education, imposed in a certain way  from one generation to another according to some invented values, often based primarily on fear ​​and everything involved in the proper society gear, as we understand it today. The importance of “education”, culture and the acquisition of a variety of moral values ​​and different point of views, that helps both personal and professional growth, to survive and follow  established patterns, helped by religions taught in each place, and the interests of those who have the power, they use us as their puppets, making us believe that life is just about their common interests.
Ana Dévora proposes a serie of installations. The main one is the representation of a classroom, through items such as desks, smudged vertical boards, uniforms etc, using elements as light and sound, to illustrate how society itself is responsible to educate following certain layouts that have nothing to do with the natural way of acquiring new knowledge, neutering in a certain way the population, educating them with values ​​that deviate more and more from the pursuit of what happiness and development should be based in freedom.
The vertical board allude to a non-horizontal education, where there is no open dialogue between the teacher and the student. among the smudges and sound, a continuous noise, which does not allow students think beyond the established program, stealing the ability to dream and create, pointing out solely what they want them to see, what is comfortable and does not bother them, avoiding no other progress over the program and they capabilities.
This particular installation mixes two different contexts in one, on the one hand classrooms and noise, and for the other hand home and the noise of the media. Due to the education has not changed much in essence since several generations, our parents and “teachers” educate us based on the same established values, that actually works within the society, mentioning also the noise and fear provoked by the media and television in general, that distorts reality to control the population in a gradual way.
The use of the installation allows the public, above all, to feel the experience being immersed in this particular atmosphere in which each individual is not just an external spectator, but becomes involved with all senses allowing themselves to feel as they are part of the piece itself.
The multidisciplinary artist Paloma Rodera has collaborated In the creation of the piece of sound along with Ana Dévora.


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